Vision for FCPS

Ilryong Moon believes we need to provide equitable opportunities so all students can succeed. The allocation of resources must fit each student’s needs, while the use of resources must also be effective and efficient. We need to continue recruiting and retaining the best-qualified teachers and employees, and we need to improve our school buildings while providing students and teachers with adequate technology. Renovations cannot be delayed and trailers must go.

Ilryong believes in helping all of our students reach their full potential and compete in the 21st century global economy, while also eliminating the achievement gap. Under his watch, academics in Fairfax County public schools continuously improved even as the inflation-adjusted per-pupil cost dropped after the recession in 2007. The achievement gap also fell, with fewer minority students being left behind each year. Our schools ranked among the country’s best, with over 90 percent of students graduating on time and continuing on to post-secondary education, while Full-Day Kindergarten expanded countywide and more students are pursuing high level courses.

Ilryong wants to ensure continuous improvement in our world-class school system through efficient administration, leaving money for the classroom. During his tenure in office, Ilryong oversaw a reduction in administrative costs, saving taxpayers money

If re-elected, Ilryong will provide leadership and experience to continue improving our schools. He also brings his unique perspectives as an immigrant and former ESL student, having grown up in poverty with under-educated parents who worked hard and long hours to provide their children a better future.

“I am thankful for all of your past support and again ask for your endorsement.”

- Ilryong Moon


Meeting Every Student’s needs

  • All students need to be provided with equally high quality programs and teachers.

  • Students need to be provided equitable access to learn about and use the latest  technology.

  • All families need to be supported to be able to help their children at home.

  • Continued efforts must be made to better support student's physical and mental health.

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Recruiting top Educators

  • Teachers should be provided with ample opportunities for professional and career development, in addition to fair compensation. 

  • A teacher’s workload should be fair and the other working conditions positive.

  • Facilities and technology must be state-of-the-art to recruit and retain great teachers.

  • Every available dollar should go back into the classroom.

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Improving School Buildings

  • Our school buildings and other facilities should incorporate more green designs and  use renewable energy.

  • All classrooms should utilize the latest technology and provide a comfortable teaching and learning environment.

  • Renovations cannot be delayed.

  • Trailers must be eliminated.